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Welcome to WhiskyMoods

We’re thrilled you are here, and we hope you linger for a while, maybe a dram’s worth of your time right now, then stop by in a few days to see what’s new. Here we focus more on whisky experiences and the context of dramming than on the products. We like smoky talk and bold tastes. We like stuff on the rocks, and we have fun making a splash. And we enjoy your take on things that matter, on things that transcend the ordinary.

There’s a yin and yang to WhiskyMoods. We present stories, photography, art, movies, and product reviews that we know whisky drinkers thirst for, but we want to hear your whisky stories to complete the experience. Many of you drink bourbon, gin, grappa, and other spirits. All those stories are part of the picture as well. As we mix your content with ours, we’ll have a well-stocked site.

We know 8 out of 10 high-end whisky drinkers have a strong interest in photography. So, we are offering you a wide range of them, from 1940s Paris fashion and personality photography to 21st century pinhole images from the beaches of Australia. You’ll never see Sydney Harbour the way it is pictured here. And there is a feast of color and texture in our photo essay on Stamboul, the city that inspired Graham Greene to write The Orient Express. Our writers tell stories about the people and places in the photographs, adding another dimension to what you will see here and nowhere else. To our knowledge, we are the only whisky website that does this.

Whisky drinkers are interested in art too, so we asked Ralph Steadman to contribute to WhiskyMoods with his classic take on the magic and folklore of single malts from Still Life With Bottle. You may know him from his great beer illustrations for FlyingDog Brewery. Ralph Steadman also contributed his descriptions, with a writing style that is just as distinctive. He was co-founder of Gonzo Journalism with Hunter Thompson of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fame.

That’s only half the site. We invite you to fill in the other half. To enable that, we have created multiple ways for you to interact with us. Beyond just posting your comments on the posts that interest you, we hope you will participate in the interactive taste maps we have created for Whisky, Women, and Song. Here, you tell us what’s smoky and what’s bold. You can also post your whisky stories on this site any time.

Sláinte, a Gaelic toast to good health heard throughout Ireland and Scotland, and on these pages.


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Josh is an author, former blogger, media critic, x-Capitol Hill legislative aide and White House assistant, business consultant, idea marketing specialist, a squatter at the global village virtual bar and an alpine rock gardener where he lives in Woodstock, NY.