Talisker Storm… Let’er Rip

(Editor’s Note: This is the kind of storm we prefer over polar vortex chills and record-breaking snow storms. This one goes down a whole lot easier. This post is TD’s first collaboration between our Taste Master Stephen Winch and our North Sea Drambassador and contributing TD photographer Ian Horne. Here is a case where they see eye-to-eye and dare say I, nose-to-nose.)

Stephen Winch: If one could “sip and nose” photographs, I know exactly what my tasting notes would be for the Talisker Storm within seconds of seeing this wonderfully constructed photograph by Ian Hornes. It seems to say it all, encapsulating the true heart of Talisker. The gloss of a rich Island malt in the foreground tempering the moody grey skies above the largest of the Hebridean Islands, the Isle of Skye!

Talisker Storm is one of a trio in the special releases from 2013, which has seen the Diageo owned distillery expand its portfolio. The general consensus out there is this the best of the three, The Whiskey Advocate awarded this dram Highlands/Islands Single Malt of the Year. Of this trio, Talisker Storm seems the pick, with one commentator describing it as “everything that you love about Taliskers with the settings turned right up.”

I got to taste it recently, and compared to the flagship 10 Year Old, Talisker Storm punches heavier with greater emphasis on peat, smoke and sea salt. The Nose: stone fruit, a hint of tropical fruit (banana) salted apple and campfire smoke. The Palate: rich and creamy lots of sweet fruit but constantly balanced with peppery spiciness.The Finish: defined wood tones and those sweet fruit notes persist.

A perfect dram for bad weather!


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