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Glen Ord 12 Year Old

Glen Ord 12 Year Old

I acquired this original bottling in St. Thomas and it has been tucked away on my shelf for about 2 years, which was just long enough for it to become a discontinued product and be replaced by Singleton of Glen Ord.  It is therefore both appropriate and sad that this review was written on the last dram of my bottle.

 There are a fair number of independent bottlings of Glen Ord spirit, including one listed at the LCBO at the moment, though none appear to be in stock.  The liquid of this highland dram has an eye-catching rich amber hue and is bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose:Intensely spicy with a citrus hit and sherry roundness followed by hints of peat smoke deep within.

Palate: Sweet sherry character coats the mouth and reveals the peat influence along with peppery spices that come on late.
Finish:  Quite dry, rich with flavours of leather, oak, synthetic cherry and a distinct ginger sharpness.
Overall:  Glen Ord 12 year old had a bit of everything: sherry, spices, peat and a memorable finish.  It compares quite well to the Benromach 10, both are fantastic examples of the traditional lightly peated and sherry matured Highland style that I’ve come to appreciate.  If you feel similarly, and you can find this expression, it’s likely to be affordable.  For the rest of you, do as I did, and pick up a bottle of the Benromach 10 at the LCBO for $74.95.

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