White Manhattans?

This iconic gargoyle has seen many things since finding its perch on the art deco Chrysler Building in Manhattan in 1930. It was modeled after the hood ornament of the Plymouth, but it’s going nowhere. It has served many functions over the years, most notably as a perch for Spider-Man in the movie. Now it has it’s eye on our White Manhattan.

A White Manhattan is a perfect replacement for the warmer months when the classic recipe can just be a bit too heavy! I would normally be reaching for my bar spoon, high proof rye or bourbon whisky and a slug of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth. I love my Manhattans but something more refreshing for when your temperatures top 80?

Thats when I remember something that Troy Karnes, High West Distillery’s Passionate Whiskey Missionary introduced me to, a White Manhattan! A very simple to make and undeniably awesome summer version of a classic cocktail. To create the a White Manhattan or Albino, you swap two key spirits and the rest feel free to experiment with. The rye or bourbon swaps out for a white un-aged whisky and the sweet red vermouth you simply switch with a bianco vermouth. Not to be confused with dry vermouth. Bianco is a sweet white vermouth. My favorite is Dolin Bianco but Cinzano Bianco will also work well. Anyway I pulled out a couple of very cool white whiskies and got creative, below are my favourite two.

The Silver Manhattan

2 ounces of High West Silver Oat Whiskey, 2 ounces of Dolin Bianco, dash of orange bitters stirred on ice and served on a twist of orange peel.

The High West Silver Whiskey is made with 85% oats and 15% malted barley and works so so well in this drink. It brings a beautiful floral element along with hints of candy an almost marshmallow kind of thing. Awesome.

The Albino Rye Manhattan

In this recipe I am using the wonderful Koval Rye Chicago Whisky. The intensely hop and peppery nose brings a great dynamic to this drink.

2 ounces of Koval Rye Chicago, 2 ounces of Dolin Bianco, dash of Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters. Stirred on ice and again served with a twist of citrus.

The hopped grapefruit bitters plays off very well against the interesting beer type character the koval whisky has. I also tried serving on a maraschino cherry this also worked very well just highlighting the sweeter elements in the drink.

Cheers and here’s to many more warm nights when the White Manhattan comes into play!


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I moved here from UK in February 2011 leaving my job as a community bobby in Surrey. By the end of May that year I had joined the team at Astor Wines & Spirits turning my love of Whisky & Wine into work. My first whisky love is single malt, which started as a 18 year old when my local Pub landlord introduced me to Macallan 12. I am also extremely passionate about American whiskey which is an amazing category. I love travel and have white water rafted in New Zealand, Argentina & Canada.