“Cigar Hen Log”… An Alcohol Beverage Anagram

“Cigar Hen Long” is an original alcohol beverage anagram we call “Anadram®.” Use it at your next party, at your local pub or bar, or the next time your are dramming with your friends.

Here are some hints:

1. Made on an island, not Cuba

2. Made in the UK

3. A single malt whisky

4. Eastern-most distillery

5. A “Glen”

Enjoy and pass it along. Answer in comment section below. Don’t look just now, give it a shot (pun intended) first.


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Josh is an author, former blogger, media critic, x-Capitol Hill legislative aide and White House assistant, business consultant, idea marketing specialist, a squatter at the global village virtual bar and an alpine rock gardener where he lives in Woodstock, NY.